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Living in the United States: Life Skills for Burundian Refugees - Volume 2

 <Ubumenyi Bw'Ibintu Ngenderwako Mu Buzima Ku Mpunzi Z'Abarundi - Icegeranyo 1, Ikigabane Ca 1 Gushika Kuca 8>  


 Welcome to Living in the United States:  Life Skills for Burundian Refugees, Volume 2.  USCRI developed these materials through funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide Burundian refugees with culturally and linguistically appropriate information to support them in their resettlement to the United States.  We worked closely with Burundian refugees and service providers to create these materials, which include eight new topics:  laws and rights, managing money, using a bank, education for children and adults, parenting in the United States, family communication skills, domestic violence, and the use and abuse of alcohol.  The materials are presented in two formats:  multimedia (Kirundi) and print (Kirundi and English).  Click on the links below to download the materials.  

USCRI designed the life skills materials for use individually or in groups, and with or without a facilitator.  USCRI recommends following each topic with discussion in order to enhance the learning experience and address refugees’ questions or concerns.  To help facilitate workshops on any of the life skills topics, please download A Guide for Facilitators - Volume 2.  

Allow one minute for download of each video. Download or buffer time may vary depending on your internet speed. 

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Topic 1:  Laws and Rights  <Amategeko n’Uburenganzira>
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Topic 2 :  Managing Your Money  <Ingene Utunganya Ivy’Amahera Yawe>
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Topic 3:  Using a Bank  <Gukoresha Ibanki>
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Topic 4:  Education for Children and Adults <Indero y’Abana n’Abakuze>
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Topic 5:  Parenting in the United States <Ibanga ry’Abavyeyi mu Kurera Abana muri Leta Zunze ubumwe za Amerika>
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Topic 6:  Family Communication Skills  <Gukomeza Imiryango>
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Topic 7:  Domestic Violence <Uruhagarara Rwo Mu Rugo>
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Topic 8:  The Use and Abuse of Alcohol   
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Funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement

Co-Authors and Production Managers – Amanda Gonzales, MSW and Jessica P. Hansen, MSW ∙ Illustrator – Amy Adams
Translation and Audio Recording – Transperfect ∙ Multimedia Production – Independent Media ∙ Co-Editors – Rachel O’Hara, Jennifer Micker, and Jessica P. Hansen ∙ Graphic Design (print materials) – Koula Papanicolas

Special thanks to USCRI Raleigh, Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, and Memphis’s Refugee Empowerment Program.  Also, thanks to BRYCS and USCCB for their information and support on the parenting topic.  In addition, the production managers are grateful to USCRI Refugee Resettlement and Employment division, especially Aislynn Raymond for her tireless work on the program and the Life Skills materials.  Thanks also to Mukiza Noel, Ruth Lomo, Franco Samuel Gaparata, Samuel Ndikumana, Aline Niyonzima, and all of the Burundian refugees that contributed to the development of these materials.

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