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Thailand Refugee Rights Partnership
In 2010, the USCRI Thailand office became an independent, national organization known as the Thai Committee for Refugees (TCR).  TCR focuses on engaging the Thai people in refugee protection and promoting greater freedom for two groups of refugees: those who have been warehoused in camps along the Thai-Burma border and urban refugees.  In partnership with Asylum Access Thailand, TCR identifies rights-based challenges facing refugees.  Together, we advocate for the Thai Government to develop new refugee laws and to become a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention.

USCRI Response to the Tsunami
The USCRI office in Thailand, now known as the Thai Committee for Refugees, was established after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami at the request of Burmese civil society groups that were overwhelmed by the disaster.  Faced with an acute need for clean drinking water, Burmese migrants turned to USCRI for filters that provided safe water for drinking, cooking, and hand washing.  USCRI also assisted migrant settlements serving the fishing industry by providing children with safe places to play and mobile tutors to further their education.  As the crisis abated, USCRI set up an office in Bangkok to work with Thai officials on easing restrictions on refugees who are confined to camps and ineligible for work permits.

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