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For thirty-four years, the Sahrawi people have been living in exile in the desolate Algerian Sahara.  In recent decades, small numbers have chosen to return to the Western Sahara to rebuild their lives.  The number of returnees markedly increased this past year and USCRI took action by offering a technical assistance program to the Moroccan government and local civil society partners; the program utilizes USCRI's extensive resettlement and integration expertise.  As the Moroccan government continues to invest in improvements to the infrastructure of the Western Sahara, USCRI’s program will provide guidance and support to the government, civil society partners, and Sahrawi returnees in an effort to strengthen the social service system so it can more effectively assist the Sahrawi people in the Western Sahara to establish new lives as active members in their community.

Videos and Articles
Watch our Global Ambassador, Jeff Fahey, talk about the rights of the Sahrawi.  
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Read more about the Sahrawi in our article “Stonewalling on Refugee Rights: Algeria and the Sahrawi”. 
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