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Immigrant Children's Case Management Program

Children who enter the United States not in the company of a parent or guardian and without legal status are often detained by the Department of Homeland Security. These children are referred to as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC). Once apprehended, they are placed in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. All UAC have the opportunity to pursue reunification with a family member, otherwise known as a “sponsor”, in the United States. The sponsor agrees to care for the child until a decision is made on his or her immigration case. Some children are eligible for case management services following release from federal custody. These children often have experienced severe trauma in their country of origin or during their journey to the US and benefit from the additional support of a social worker or case manager during their transition to the sponsor’s home.  Many UAC are able to adjust their immigration status and remain legally in the US.

Once here, children need support for their basic needs and compassion to overcome the trauma they have experienced. USCRI has over 100 years of experience serving refugees and immigrants and is currently providing skilled linkages to education, legal, health and mental health services for these children. Case managers monitor the child’s safety and well-being and can also provide support to sponsors while the children adjust to their new home and community.  USCRI’s Case Management Program serves children nationally in collaboration with the following partners: International Institute of New England (Boston, MA); Children’s Bureau (Santa Ana, CA); Covenant House (Atlanta, GA); YMCA International (Houston, TX); International Institute of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA); Jewish Family Services (Metairie, LA), Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care (Washington, DC); International Institute of St. Louis (Saint Louis, MO); USCRI NC (Raleigh, NC), Youth Co-Op (Miami, FL).

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