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USCRI Des Moines Interpretation and Translation Services

New Customers

To hire one of our trained, professional interpreters, email Valerie Stubbs at vstubbs [at]

Current Languages Offered

Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Chin, Karen, Karenni, Kunama, Nepali (the language spoken by refugees from Bhutan), Spanish, Tigrinya, and other languages upon request. 

What USCRI Des Moines Offers Customers

USCRI Des Moines' Interpretation and Translation Services Program offers trained professionals for all your translation and interpretation needs!  Our skilled interpreters are able to express ideas, words, and concepts that may have no equivalent in the target language and can also integrate the different world views they represent while respecting the autonomy of all parties present. 

USCRI Des Moines trains interpreters in the profession of interpreting and in the nuances of interpreting in the complex systems of Iowa.  Like all USCRI Des Moines staff, our interpreters are paid employees of our parent organization, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.  They receive all the supports and benefits due to paid staff members.  As the hiring agent, you can rest assured that they are not consultants or contractors.  They are educated in the issues of confidentiality, accuracy, transparency, and other factors that make interpreting wholly successful.

USCRI Des Moines specializes in providing accurate medical interpretation for new Americans.  Language barriers lead newcomers to postpone seeking care; language barriers limit comprehension of diagnoses and required treatments, thereby reducing compliance with prescribed medications and treatment regimens.  Language barriers have also been associated with increased hospital admissions and lower patient satisfaction.  Our interpreters are trained in HIPPA compliance and informed consent.

Interested in becoming an interpreter?

If you’re interested in becoming an interpreter for USCRI Des Moines, please contact Valerie Stubbs at vstubbs [at]

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