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Become a U.S. Citizen

Taking the oath of citizenship grants refugees and immigrants the same rights and protections under the United States Constitution enjoyed by those born in the United States.  Along with learning English, becoming a U.S. citizen opens the door to a wide array of opportunities for newcomers to the United States. 

The path to U.S. citizenship is called “naturalization,” a process by which a person who was not born in the United States can become a citizen.   USCRI’s Citizenship Program allows clients to learn about the naturalization process and prepare for citizenship in a welcoming, friendly environment.  The program includes civics-focused English as Second Language (ESL) classes, citizenship test preparation, and hands-on naturalization application assistance.  All the services are free, but the client is responsible for application filing fees.   

Here’s how USCRI can help those with green cards become U.S. citizens:

Civics-focused ESL Classes
This class combines English language lessons with learning about U.S. history, government, geography, national symbols, holidays, as well as rights and responsibilities of a U.S citizen.  Participating students will improve their spoken and written English skills as they learn about the United States. For more information on class dates and times, please contact Sarah Siverd at 814-452-3935 x 2022.

Citizenship Instruction
These classes are geared toward students who have applied for the citizenship interview. The interview tests the applicant’s knowledge of U.S. government and history. The applicant must also pass an English test. These classes cover every part of this examination to ensure that the students know exactly what to expect. For more information on class dates and times, please contact Sarah Siverd at 814-452-3935 x 2022.

Naturalization Application Assistance

This service encompasses the following: 1) informing clients whether they are eligible to apply for citizenship; 2) helping clients complete and file the N-400 citizenship application, which focuses on the clients’ biographical data; 3) answering any questions clients may have regarding the naturalization process. This service is available by appointment. For more information, please contact Sarah Siverd at 814-452-3935 x 2022.

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