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Our Staff

Lavinia Limón
President and Chief Executive Officer
Lavinia Limón has more than thirty years of experience working on behalf of refugees and immigrants.  Prior to joining USCRI in August of 2001, Ms. Limón was Director of the Center for the New American Community, a project of the National Immigration Forum.  During the Clinton Administration, Ms. Limón served as the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services, designing and implementing programs to assist newly arriving refugees in achieving economic and social self-sufficiency.  She served simultaneously as the Director of the Office of Family Assistance for four years, helping to devise policies and strategies for implementing national welfare reform.  Ms. Limón was previously the Executive Director of the International Institute of Los Angeles.

Lee Williams
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Lee Williams joined USCRI as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in August 2009. Prior to joining, he was the Executive Director of the International Institute of Akron (Ohio), a USCRI partner agency, for two years.  Mr. Williams’ early career was in client services and international banking.  He was Vice President of the Morgan Stanley Trust Company, Vice President of Deutsche Bank Global Institutional Services, and Managing Principal of Capco – a capital markets company.  Mr. Williams holds a Graduate Certificate of Non-Profit Management from Case Western Reserve University, a Master's degree in International Management from The Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Bs.L from Georgetown University in Arabic.

Dylanna Jackson
Director, International Institute of Erie
Prior to joining the International Institute of Erie in April 2012, Dylanna served as the Director of Community Assistance and Refugee Resettlement for the Northern Area Multi-Service Center (NAMS) and as Director of Refugee Resettlement and Educational Programs at the International Institute of Akron (IIA).  Throughout her career, Dylanna has carried out a broad range of administrative functions, including grant-writing, program evaluation, fiscal management, volunteer management, and program development.  Dylanna earned her BA in English from Kent State University, where she also received certification in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and completed post graduate coursework in conflict management.  She is proficient in Spanish and intermediate in Turkish.

Jeff Brooks
Case Manager
Jeff joined the International Institute of Erie in October of 2012. Prior to joining IIE, Jeff worked as Director of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation program assisting people with severe mental illness in developing skills to reintegrate into the community. He has also developed many employment, advocacy, and volunteer programs in other agencies and is proficient in grant writing. Jeff earned his BA in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies with minors in History and Political Science. His current duties include promoting refugee issues and integration into the community and improving volunteerism and donations to the agency.

Nanda Chuwan
Case Manager
Mr. Chuwan joined USCRI/International Institute of Erie in October 2010 as a Job Developer. Prior to joining USCRI, he worked as an Accounting teacher in Nepal for two years. In addition, I worked as a teacher on a voluntary basis in the Bhutanese Refugee Education Program (BREP) run by CARITAS Nepal for three years.  He received a Master’s degree in Marketing from Tribhuvan University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Purvanchal University Nepal.  He is originally from Bhutan and lived in Nepal for 17 years. He speaks Nepali fluently.

Dina Kovalevich
Case Manager
Dina Kovalevich came to the United States from Ukraine on December 5, 1997.  She began working at the International Institute of Erie in 1999 as a Housing Coordinator.  She now works as a Case Manager for refugee clients.  She has a background in banking.  Ms. Kovalevich speaks, reads, and writes in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Fiseha S. Lolemu
Case Manager
Fiseha Lolemu joined USCRI/International Institute of Erie in February 2010 as a Refugee Social Services Coordinator and currently works as Medical Coordinator.  Prior to joining USCRI, Mr. Lolemu worked for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where he served refugees for over 10 years in multiple positions, including: Skills Training Instructor, Nutrition Program Field Supervisor, and Nutrition Program Counterpart Manager.  He has volunteered for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse program (IRC) to protect the rights of refugees.  Mr. Lolemu is originally from Ethiopia and lived in Kenya for over 16 years.  He is fluent in Amharic and conversant in Swahili.

Mirela Mirkovic
Case Manager
Mirela Mirkovic has been with IIE’s Child Care Program for almost 19 years.  After arriving as a refugee from Romania, she began to work in the Child Care Program as an Aide.  Mirela went on to get her GED and worked her way up to Assistant Group Supervisor in the Toddler Program.  In 2008, Mirela became the Child Care Program’s Program Manager.  In this capacity, she attends annual training conferences for Child Care Employees by the Pennsylvania KEYS program and has attended many training sessions in Child Care Programming.

Mansur Mohamed-Ali Suliman
Case Manager
Mr. Mohamed-Ali was born and raised in an Eritrean refugee camp in Eastern Sudan.  He was resettled as a refugee in Erie, PA in 2008.  Mr. Mohamed-Ali currently serves as the School Liaison for IIE, bridging communication barriers by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate support for school systems and parents.  Prior to joining IIE, he worked as an Arabic Translator and Political Researcher at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Mr. Mohamed-Ali is completing a Master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro.

Devi Subedi
Case Manager
Devi Subedi joined USCRI/International Institute of Erie in October 2010 as a Case Manager.  Prior to working with IIE, Devi worked as a Nepali Interpreter with IIE and MHEDS clinic for about three years.  Devi is originally from Bhutan, but was forced to leave in 1992 due to the civil war and then spent eighteen years in a refugee camp in Nepal.  While in Nepal, Devi worked as a teacher for ten years in Math and Environmental Science, at the same time serving as the Head of the School of Bhutanese refugees.  Devi spent two years studying Political Science in India and is fluent in Nepali and conversant in Hindi.

Irina Teygart
Case Manager

Irina Teygart joined the International Institute of Erie in 1997.  She is responsible for the resettlement process of newly-arrived refugees from a variety of countries.  Irina received her Bachelor’s degree from Russia in 1973.

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