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Let Congress Know There are Solutions to the Border Crisis
Its time to talk about solutions and we have six that will work to stop trafficking, protect children and save money. Congress needs to hear that it's not a choice to fund refugees or vulnerable children and there is a way to address this emergency. Funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) must be substantially increased to meet the needs of unaccompanied children and refugees, asylees and all populations in ORR's care while simultaneously taking direct steps to end the dangerous journeys of young migrants. Immediate action is needed!

On the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War, Protect Afghan and Iraqi Allies in Danger 
Today, the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war is a reminder of the special commitment Americans have to protect Iraqi and Afghan nationals who have put their lives and the safety of their families at risk while working for and supporting the U.S. Government and Armed Forces. Without Congressional action, the Special Immigrant Visa Programs (SIVs)—which provide refuge to these brave Iraqi and Afghan nationals—willexpire soon. A nonpartisan group of 19 U.S. Representatives have sent a letter to the President expressing their support for extension. Tell Your Member of Congress to Extend Special Immigrant Visa Programs>>

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