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Cynné Simpson, Chris Spencer, and Wyclef Jean at U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants 100th Anniversary Gala
Guest of a Guest, Oct. 21, 2011

Wyclef Jean to Jam at USCRI Gala
The Washington Examiner, Oct. 3, 2011
"As a child of immigrant parents and an immigrant myself, I know firsthand the difficulties refugees and immigrants face," Jean said. "Organizations like the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and their supporters serve a crucial role in protecting the lives, rights and most importantly the dignity of refugees and immigrants. I cannot express how proud I am to be a part of this incredible event."

Refugees Present a Chance to Serve
The News & Observer, Feb. 20, 2011
Refugees provide a fresh injection of talent to North Carolina. Some arrive with advanced degrees and professional training. Regardless of education level, they contribute to our cultural diversity in a global age and are often highly motivated to engage in civic life.  Founded in the Triangle in 2007, USCRI North Carolina last year received the N.C. Peace Corps Association's annual Peace Prize for its comprehensive efforts to settle refugees. The nonprofit outfits new arrivals with furniture and clothing, offers English lessons, help using the transportation system and provides much-needed friendship.

Business of Survival: Refugees Band Together to Create Their Own Jobs
Times Union, Feb. 13, 2011
They escaped war, ethnic persecution and sectarian violence in their homelands, but when it came to finding a job in a depressed American economy, refugees recently arrived from Burma, Iraq and Bhutan faced rejection and an eroding sense of optimism. So they adopted a tactic used by American entrepreneurs: They started their own business.

Pro Bono Efforts Help Burmese Refugee Win Political Asylum in U.S.
Womble Carlyle, Jan. 21, 2011
Tum “Rose” Hlei-Sung survived torment in her native country of Burma that few people could imagine, much less endure. Now, thanks to the pro bono effort of a team of Womble Carlyle attorneys, Rose can build a new life for herself in South Carolina.

USCRI Commends Haitian Partners' Post-Earthquake Efforts
January 2011
One year after the devastating earthquake leveled much of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) urges the international community to fund local organizations’ efforts to build a strong civil society in Haiti.  USCRI commends our Haitian NGO partners for their hard work and dedication over the past year to protect the human rights of vulnerable survivors. 

LOST Star Stands Up for Refugee Rights in Ethiopia
November 2010
Actor Ken Leung accompanied USCRI on a nine-day journey through northern Ethiopia, where tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees live in camps.  Leung, 40, witnessed firsthand the conditions in which these men, women, and children—who have fled war and violence in their native country—live for years on end.  Many of these refugees are denied their basic rights as human beings, including the right to work, move freely, or pursue a decent life while in exile.

The New Vermonters: Seeking Respite, Global Refugees Resettle in Vermont
Vermont Women Newspaper, November 2010

Survivors Enjoy Respite
Times Union, June 20, 2010
Picnic gathering in Albany attracts 250 refugees who seek a new, safer future.

A Child's Life, a Lawyer's Humanity: Asylum helps boy escape wrath of Salvadoran Gang
Baltimore Sun, Sept. 27, 2009
USCRI's National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children helps a young boy from El Salvador gain freedom from gang violence.

New wave from Bhutan settles in: After 17 stateless years, they're starting over
Burlington Free Press, Sept. 24, 2009
Every refugee who resettles in Vermont brings a story of hardship, but those from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, dozens of whom have been arriving during the past two years, have endured one of the longest, strangest ordeals of all.

Crossing Delaware
Times Union, July 27, 2008
For these refugees on Delaware Avenue in Albany, NY, their fledgling neighborhood is active and thriving. From Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the neighbors are overcoming major obstacles and creating a community where they welcome, help and support one another.

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